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WHS, of course, is not a joke!

Important changes were made to the World Handicapping System on 1 January 2024. These were introduced in most countries but will be implemented slightly later in GB&I – on 1 April 2024.

I’ve included EG’s own summary of the main changes, below. A full set of the amended Rules of Handicapping and related documentation can be found here:

There are no actions needed by players. You will notice that your Course and Playing Handicaps will change slightly and there are some amendments to how stroke allowances are calculated. But all these things will be handled by the Intelligent Golf and England Golf software, including the IG  and myEG apps.

This page covers the change to Course Handicaps:

Change in how Course Handicap is calculated

This page covers a few of the other changes that might impact on members: (TBA)

Any questions, please ask: [email protected]

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