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Data Privacy – Giving Consent for Upload of Personal Data

In order to activate your WHS Handicap Index and to download your handicap record, on the SOGC Intelligent Golf system, England Golf requires you to consent to your personal details being uploaded onto their WHS Platform. This includes a personal email address and your date of birth. These details, along with your name and CDH Number, enable the WHS Platform to uniquely identify each player, amongst the 600,000 or so on the Platform.

Here is how to upload your details and to activate your Handicap Index on Intelligent Golf.

First, access your record on the Intelligent Golf system, via the browser. You will see a screen like the one below. On the drop-down MENU, select “MY GOLF” and “PREFERENCES”:

On the next screen, click on “WHS DATA PRIVACY”

You can then choose to press “Upload Personal Information”, which will bring up the following screen. Assuming that you already have an email address and date of birth on your Intelligent Golf record, these fields will be pre-populated:

Then just tick the box “I understand this data ….etc.” press “SEND THIS DATA….”. Your personal data is then immediately uploaded to the England Golf WHS system and you will see a message that confirms that your data has been uploaded.

After this, you will able to access your Handicap Index and your handicap scoring record on Intelligent Golf and you will be able to use your handicap in club competitions.

After this, we would recommend that you activate your account on the England Golf Platform and also install the “MyEG” App on your smart phone or other mobile device. There are other pages on the website covering how to do that.

What you need to know about sharing your personal data with England Golf

The documents below deal with how members’ personal data will be used by England Golf, as part of the introduction of WHS. This was covered in a recent communication from England Golf: