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Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf were completely rewritten for 2019, following a fundamental review – the first since 1984. These new rules came into effect on 1 January 2019. There have since been a number of clarifications and changes, with the latest full issue of the Rules of Golf coming into effect from January 2023.

All players are expected to acquaint themselves with the latest Rules of Golf, as there have been many important changes in the last few years. A good working knowledge is essential for the fair playing of competitions, in the interests of all competitors.

The best ways of improving your Rules knowledge are:

a) Install and refer to the Rules of Golf app. 

b) Refer to the R&A’s Rules of Golf webpages.

c) Try some of the Rules quizzes on the R&A quiz and USGA quiz websites.

Doubtful Rules situations

When players are in doubt as to the correct ruling, they can consult with a member of the SOGC Committee or with the SOGC appointed Referee, John Taylor.

The Rules of Golf include procedures for dealing with Rules uncertainties and disagreements, when they occur on the golf course, when no rules official is available. There should never be a need for argument over any Rules interpretations between players, either in Strokeplay competitions or in matches. Agreement to a ruling by a fellow player, in a Strokeplay competition, has no standing and provides no protection from applicable penalties. All uncertain interpretations should be reported to the Committee for a ruling.

Rules of Golf 2019 presentation

The main changes made in 2019 were covered in a SOGC Rules Evening, the slides for which are shown here:

Rules evening 2019 presentation