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Competitions Manual

The Handicaps and Competitions manual has been prepared by the SOGC Committee and the Competitions Delivery Group (CDG), as a guide for members of Sherfield Oaks Golf Club (SOGC).

All the competitions run by the SOGC Committee are listed and described in the manual, including eligibility criteria for entry.

The manual sets out the rules and regulations covering handicaps and club competitions played at SOGC.

In the event of conflict between the manual and any one of the following official regulations, the official regulation will prevail:

  1. The World Handicap System “Rules of Handicapping”: Rules of Handicapping
  2. The SOGC Local Rules, as published here: SOGC Local Rules
  3. The R&A Official Rules of Golf: Rules of Golf

If a rules issue arises during a club competition, the player(s) concerned can ask for a ruling from a member of the SOGC Committee or from the Committee’s appointed Referee, John Taylor.

Any questions or comments concerning the contents of this manual should be addressed to either:
[email protected] or [email protected].

The manual will be subject to amendment, from time to time.

Revision history:

Revision to the Manual for 1 April, 2024

This version was mainly prompted by the changes to the WHS Rules of Handicapping for 2024, which took effect on 1 April, 2024 in GB&I. While revising, a number of corrections, clarifications and minor changes in wording have been included.

Comps manual 2023 V4.2 24032024

Revision to the Manual for 27th July, 2023

Clarification of the process for resolution of ties in Club Championship events, by sudden-death playoffs. Minor other  wording changes for clarity and brevity.

Revision to the Manual for 26th February, 2023

The manual has been revised. No rules changes for club competitions and this was mainly to update various external web page links.

Revision to the Manual for 9th August, 2022

With the change in tee colours, effective from 9th August, the manual has been adjusted to reflect all references to the tee colours to be played in club comps.

There is also a refinement, in this version, to the eligibility conditions that apply to Board competitions and Knock Out competitions, largely to reflect the adoption of the WHS.