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This page provides a spreadsheet which will calculate playing handicaps for pairs matches. It covers Fourball, Foursomes and Greensomes formats and includes par adjustments for mixed matchplay competitions where the pars of different tees may differ (as is the case, for example, for some mixed-tee interclub away matches).

The handicap calculators provided by England Golf and IG are also discussed.

Using the Calculator with Excel

You can download the Excel spreadsheet here:


If you wish to run it on your PC in Excel, then you need Excel 2019 or a later version. If you don’t have Excel on your PC, then the spreadsheet will also work in the (free) online version of Excel available at:

England Golf Handicap Calculator

England Golf’s mixed-tee spreadsheet calculator:


Intelligent Golf Handicap Calculator

The IG app has a calculator which will produce Course and Playing Handicaps for all “Acceptable” formats of play and also for some other formats.

The advantage of the IG calculator over the England Golf one is that it has all the SOGC course Ratings built in, so these do not have to be typed in, as in the EG one.

JT’s Calculator (JTCalc)

JTCalc calculator only calculates for Pairs Matchplay formats. For all other formats, IG will provide the Course and Playing Handicaps automatically, following the settings of the club competitions.

However, JTCalc has certain advantages over the EG and IG calculators:

a) All the SOGC members are included in a table within the spreadsheet and these can be selected by drop-down menu.

b) Like the IG calculator, for the nine 18-hole SOGC courses, the Slope, Course Rating and Par are built into the spreadsheet. Other course ratings can easily be added, on request.

c) Unlike the IG or EG calculators, JTCalc reveals the full details of how the calculation is done, which can be useful if the Calculated shots are disputed.

Because our Knock-Out competitions can have each match be played on either SOGC course, the competition is set up with the course selection left “open”, so that IG does not automatically provide the appropriate Course or Playing Handicaps. This is the main reason for building JTCalc.

JTCalc  can be used for interclub matches. After adding the away course details in, these can be applied to multiple matches in a fixture and a single, printable match sheet can be produced for the fixture.