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Sherfield Oaks GC Members Website

I originally created these PDF scorecards in order to avoid any risk of Corona virus contamination, from picking up scorecards from the (frequently handled) stack of cards in golf reception.

With the easing of restrictions, the need to avoid handling materials handled by others, like scorecards, flagsticks, bunker rakes, ball cleaners etc. diminished. I left the scorecards on the website, mainly for reference purposes.

Because Get Golfing does not provide official scorecards for the two nine-hole rated courses, some members may find these useful to print from these PDFs, as they give the correct ratings and SIs for the nine-hole courses.

Note that the nine-hole course for the Trafalgar is simply the Waterloo front nine-hole course, so they share the same scorecard layout and ratings.

The scorecards are designed for home printing. They can be printed on colour or black & white printers.

These scorecards are fully compliant with WHS and with the SOGC course ratings, slope ratings, stroke indexes and distances. Just click the link, below, for your choice of course.

Note that there is no separate nine-hole card provided for the Trafalgar, as the first nine of Trafalgar is the same as the nine-hole Waterloo course.

In practice, the Trafalgar is never normally played from white tees, as it is a mid-winter course, usually only used when the courses get very muddy.

John Taylor
2nd January, 2022