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What are General Play Scores?

General Play Scores are scores from “social” rounds, played to the full Rules of Golf and WHS Rules of Handicapping, but that are not played as part of a handicap-qualifying competition.

You can submit a General Play score for any round that meets these conditions:
a) played in a singles strokeplay format (medal or Stableford)
b) played to the full Rules of Golf
c) not played in a club competition which is organised by The Committee
d) where you declare your intention to play before the round begins

For example, when you play in a golf society day, or in a SOGC weekday Rollup, these are deemed to be “social” rounds, so your score can also be submitted as a General Play score, subject to the above conditions.

General Play scores are included in the player’s WHS handicap record and used for calculation of their Handicap Index, in just the same way as scores played in a WHS handicap-qualifying singles strokeplay competition.

Scores submitted in applying for a new WHS handicap are also General Play scores and will appear in your WHS handicap record in the same way.

When you play in a handicap-qualifying competition, such as a weekday Stableford or Saturday League that score must not be submitted as a General Play score, as that would create duplicate scores in your handicap record.

There are different procedures, depending on whether a General Play Score is to be made at:

a) SOGC or another club in the jurisdiction of England Golf.

b) an away club located in GB&I, or

d) any “overseas” club, which includes any club in Scotland.