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GP Scores at SOGC or Other Courses in England

This page gives the procedure for General Play scores at courses in England. Please contact the Hcap Committee if you wish to submit scores outside of the England Golf jurisdiction. These clubs will not be found listed on the myEG app.

GP Essentials

Please read the following six essential “must dos”, for submitting a General Play score. The rest of this page has more detail, with screen shots of the key steps when using the myEG app:

  1. Use the myEG app.
    Although it is recommended to keep hole-by-hole scores, on physical scorecards while playing the round, neither physical scorecard, nor emailed scorecard image, is accepted, for General Play (GP) score submission, except in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Pre-register before you begin your GP round.
    If you register after you have started your round, your score will be rejected/deleted, under WHS rules. SOGC’s Handicap Committee has no discretion with regard to this WHS rule.
  3. Having registered to play a GP score, you must submit an approved score.
    This should be done before the end of the day, as your Handicap Index may change, as a result, for the following day. It must be done before the end of the day, if you are due to play in a competition the next day.
  4. You must play with a marker who records and then approves your score.
    Your marker/attester must have a valid WHS Handicap and must play or walk the round with you as your marker, in order to directly witness your score.
  5. If unable to submit a score, you must inform the Handicap Committee.
    You must give a reason for not submitting a score, or for deleting a score intent, having registered your intent to play. You must promptly inform the Handicap Committee at [email protected].
  6. No Return or penalty scores apply for not complying with these WHS rules.
    If you fail to submit or fail to disclose the score, when requested, or delete a registered GP scorecard intent, on myEG, without giving an acceptable reason for doing so, then a penalty score will be added to your handicap record. Further penalties may be imposed for repeated failures to return a score.

The following procedure is for a valid General Play (GP) score. All GP scores, including those for a new handicap, must be submitted via the myEG app. WHS Registration and the myEG app

Note that your marker MUST play with you so that they can witness, record and then verify the scores you enter on myEG.

Before you register to play a General Play score, make sure that your marker also has the myEG app installed and is able to use myEG, to approve your score, promptly, after you have entered, finalised and submitted it.

You will need to be in the vicinity of the club to pre-register your round.

Keeping a Physical Scorecard

Although you can record your hole scores on the myEG app, as you play the round, most players will prefer to have their marker record their scores on their scorecard and to keep their own record of their scores, as a cross-check. The player can then input the hole scores on the myEG app after the round.

Change to SOGC tee colours

Members will be aware that the tee colours were changed, effective from 9th August, 2022. White tees were changed to Black, Yellow tees were changed to White and Red tees were changed to Gold. The images below still refer to the original colours. I will update these images with the new colours in due course.

The whole process must be completed before the end of the day of your round. Make sure your marker/attester is also aware of this requirement, before they leave the course, if they have not already approved your score.

The player should not delete a GP card that they have registered to play, except in exceptional circumstances. When you register to play a GP round, you must fulfil that commitment to play and record a score, however good or bad it may be. If you are unable to submit a score for any reason, you must report this to the Handicap Committee.

Please retain your physical scorecard for a few days, in case of any query either to or from the Handicap Committee.

Handicap Committee
[Note: Last updated by JT on 9th August, 2021