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Using the IG App for scoring

The video below, from IG, gives a good overview of the various features of the IG app, related to scoring. Please note the following comments which are related to the content of the video.

Competition Partner Scoring and PACE

The last two topics in the video: competition partner scoring and PACE competition self scoring are not currently used at SOGC, so you can stop watching at 18:32.

“NS” versus “NR” when entering hole scores

When entering your hole scores via the IG App, please take care not to use the NS code, unless it is appropriate.

In most cases, NR or a zero should be entered, if you did not hole out at a particular hole. NR means “No Return” for that hole. Within the WHS handicap system, NR is adjusted to a gross score equivalent to a Net Double Bogey score for that hole (based on your Course Handicap, rather than Playing Handicap).

NS means “Not Started” and should only be used in the much rarer circumstances when you did not play the hole at all. The valid reasons for this would be, for example:

a) if you have to interrupt your round due to injury or illness
b) if the weather conditions prevent play (such as the course being flooded). Normally this would be decided by the Committee, but the player has the right to interrupt play if dangerous conditions arise (thick fog or electrical storm)
c) in the unusual event of the particular hole or holes being ruled out of play by the Committee.

NS should not be used in place of NR. Both codes have the same result in the competition scores (i.e. a zero points score in Stableford). But NS is adjusted in a different way, when the player’s score is processed in the WHS system. This can significantly distort a player’s Handicap Index calculation.

If you do use NS, you must advise the Committee as soon as possible after your round, giving the reasons for not playing the hole or holes so coded. The Committee will then determine whether the score should be accepted or not.

For example, although the IG video suggests that playing 10 holes would be “acceptable”, if it gets too dark to play the rest of the holes, it is likely that the Committee would question any rounds started when there was clearly not enough time to play 18 holes before dark. If the player had only, say, 140 minutes to play, before dark and wanted to submit a General Play handicap score, it would be more reasonable for the player to register to play a nine-hole round.

If the player does not advise their use of NS codes, the Committee will, by default, change any NS codes to NR in the player’s scorecard on IG.